Care Instructions

These are washing instructions specifically for your cloth nappies/diapers. All clothing will have washing instructions labels on them. 

Before Use:
To maximize absorbency of your inserts, soak them in cold water for 24hours then continue with a normal nappy wash.

Remove Solids:
Shake off any solids in to the toilet and rinse if necessary. Place in a dry pail until you are ready to wash. (Preferably wash within 48 hours). If your nappy has removable ruffles,please remove these and set aside while nappy is being washed to preserve the life of them!

MCN should NEVER be soaked in bleach or soakers containing oxygen bleach. Sunlight is perfect for whitening your nappies and also is a natural sanitizer. Nappies can be soaked occasionally for short periods of time using MCN friendly powder e.g Briars Mix, Rock n Green. (Frequent soaking will reduce the life of your nappy elastics)

Place nappies and inserts in the washing machine. 
Do a cold rinse cycle first to remove any solids remains.
Wash nappies on a warm cycle with washing powder. Warm washing will ensure the powder is dissolved properly in the water.

Never use any Laundry Powders that contain Sodium Bicarbonates (Baking Soda) or enzyme powders as this will deteriorate your nappies !

Do not use white vinegar to rinse your nappies.

If removable ruffles are soiled, place in a laundry bag and wash on a gentle cycle with your normal washing.

MCN’s are best line dried in the sunlight.
If you need to tumble dry, do so on a low heat. (Continued use of a tumble drier will reduce the life of your nappy!)